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Wii sensor bar? Just use Candles!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 , Posted by LordEx at 11:11 PM

Well, I just pulled out my old Wii.  -snicker-  Wii jokes never get old.  Well, I was shocked to find that my sensor bar was missing.  Well, I was desperate, and I came up with an ingenious solution.  Candles!  No, it is not a myth.  Yes, it does work.

You see, the Wii sensor bar is not a sensor at all.  It is an array of infrared LEDs.  You know what else gives off infrared light?  FIRE!  Your Wiimote actually picks up the radiation, that is all the wiimote is!

So have fun with this little fact, you can use cheap fifty cent candles from Walmart in place of the Wii sensor bar.  Just remember to use two, and place them about a foot apart from each other.

Not to mention, it makes game time very romantic for you gamers in love :3

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