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X edge

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 , Posted by Ayaka at 5:27 PM

Cross Edge is a very unique game, I bought it about four months ago, tried playing it and after giving up on the controls I set it aside for the four moths I had it.

Not to long ago however (three days ago), while at a LAN party I decided to give this game and myself a second chance. So with a bit more understanding of the controls I was able to move forward in the game, quite a lot more then my 20 minutes spend the very first time I tried it.

It is a turn base RPG, that demands constant thinking and planning on your part to be able and survive the battles. Better yet you get to change your characters while in battle as long as you have enough AP to spend.

In all reality your moves, healing, shifting, and changes are all part of your AP without enough AP you can't do much of anything and have to end your turn. It is a very fun game, though I've only played enough to enter the second world it becomes quite addicting. You have your main characters York and Miku, and quite a variety of others from different RPGs like Etna and Dood from Disgaea.

The game story is also quite fun, Miku and York got sucked into a strange world in which souls are trapped. A small girl ask for their help (and other characters) to save the souls, so that she can send them back to their own world. Through the game as you save souls you'll receive forms for your characters, this 'forms' are actually different outfits that you can use to change the appearance of the females in the game.

The game is only for the PS3, so if you do have gone I suggest you get the demo or find a copy of the game. That is if you enjoy RPGs as much as I do. Either way this game is one of the few that have made it to my top list when it comes to games on the PS3 defiantly worth the try.

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