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Those old manga from years on back

Saturday, May 8, 2010 , Posted by LordEx at 3:19 PM

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your study (or wherever you prefer to sit down an read) gazing at shelf upon shelf of manga from your early childhood?  Have you ever paid any attention to the stacks and piles of graphic novels since you've put them back on the shelf after reading them?  Do you pick them up once in a while to give them a quick read?

I know of conventions that now have a manga trading workshop.  Would you part with a piece of your prized collection for some new reading material?  Or perhaps a coveted rare find?  Are you looking more to collect?  Or are you looking for some entertainment?

With a single book reaching up to fourteen dollars in some cases, its nearly impossible for me to regularly buy manga the way I once used to. (No shame here, mommy and daddy bought it for me)  This leaves me with the only option of selling my manga, or trading, to obtain new novels.  The local library helps out once in a while, but the racks there are not that impressive for a hardcore otaku.

For me, manga was always a source of entertainment.  I enjoy it more so than anime.  Not having to devote yourself to watching a whole episode.  I can meerly read chapter by chapter or the whole damn thing, whether for leisure, passing time, or when on the royal throne.

A lot of times I wish that manga would cost as much as it does in the land of the rising sun.  A few bucks could net you the latest and greatest read.  But this is just a broke otaku's dream.

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