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Iron Wok Jan! For the kitchen otaku out there

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 , Posted by LordEx at 4:50 PM

Lately, I've been dusting off my old manga collection and reading some of the better novels from my youth. One series has stood out to me the most as of recent, Iron Wok Jan.

Iron Wok Jan, I can remember from my early years in Otakudom was one of my more favorite reads. At the time there we're so many different shounen manga available at the time, but none of them held much of my interest until I came across this gem. The sheer idea of a shounen manga based on competitive cooking was laughable, however I purchased the novel simply out of my own love for cooking. As I delved deeper into the strange theme of culinary shounen, I developed a craving for more. Like a potato chip, I could not have just one. I started buying each one as Borders released it.

As I read every volume, my connection and love for the characters grew with such intensity. It was like reading DBZ combined with Iron Chef and Professional Wrestling. Oh the drama! Oh the delicious tension!

But then there came a time when Borders just stopped selling this precious manga all together, and that is unfortunately where my journey ended with Iron Wok Jan. After re-reading all of the past adventured, I am highly considering picking up this creative culinary shounen manga.

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