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Genshiken Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 , Posted by Zero at 10:53 PM

Hi all I am Samuel Chaboya (aka. Zero), the ruler of DesertAnime, and I would like to say hello and to thank Chuck for letting me be a guest blogger on his site. Now on to a quick little review.

The anime that I am putting under the microscope is Genshiken!! OMG, NO WAY....


It has a reminds me of Comic Party. The main character Sasahara Kanji just started collage, and is in search of a club to join. He likes anime and video games but thinks he would not fit in with Genshiken (a club is devoted to society for the study of modern visual culture). He gets dragged into the club room by Kosaka Makoto and after a little while he ends up joining the club. The show goes on showing Sasahara what it is to be a true otaku.

To top it off there is a anime inside of this anime ^-^ called Kujibiki Unblanance which is a very cute, silly, and it appears to me to have a relatively accelerated storyline. To me it appeared that a lot of things got going very quickly and a lot of info was dumped into just one episode. That did not stop me from enjoying this bonus episode and I personally would recommend watching Kujibiki Unblanance before watching the Genshiken so that you can get all the inside jokes. ^.^
All in all I really enjoyed this anime and would say that anyone who likes to just chat with fellow otaku should definitely pick this up.

Once again I would like to thank Chuck for this chance to post on his blog, maybe I could get more users at my site too. DesertAnime is a site dedicated to role playing and coop fictional story building. We have profiles, forums, and photo galleries for posting your pictures of your characters. Go ahead and take a look, you may like it. ^.^

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