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Bloody Manga

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 , Posted by Ayaka at 2:21 PM

Hello there,
Today I'm going to give you a little incite into a manga I began reading not to long ago. This lovely read goes by the name of "Bloody Kiss" the art work and story were done by Kazuko Furumiya. It is, as far as I've read (which has only been the first book) a great Romantic Comedy.

Kiyo which is our main character inherits a home from her Grandmother, what she didn't know is that inside her home there are two rather attractive vampires who have lived there with her Grandmother and still make the place their home. Their names are Kuroboshi and his servant Alshu. Then things start getting a bit out of hand when Kuroboshi decides to make Kiyo his 'Bride' meaning that he is only able to suck blood from her.

This is a great source for laughter and quite a bit of D'awwwing. From what I understand is that the manga has been completed. To be completely honest I can't wait till I have the money to go buy the next book (I know reading manga online is easier and such but I'm a true heart Otaku who will go to the worlds end to buy the stuff~ eventually >_<;;).

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