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Should Square Really Re-Make FFVII?!?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 , Posted by Yuna at 6:57 PM

Should Square Really Re-Make FFVII?!?

This subject is still going on and on with dead-hard, Final Fantasy VII Fans dying for seeing the game remastered. Although, is that really a good idea? Could they truly remake this game to the "T" and bring out the old feelings we've gotten back when we first the game?

Not saying the game would get sold out in a blink of an eye if they ever do this . However, what would be the fans reaction be if it doesn't come out the way, we were hoping or dreaming it would?! I have to say I'm a little worried of the out come of it...If they ever take on this remake idea. Also, I really love the game as it is. Why fix something that isn't broken, guys?

Though for the time being, Square should really, REALLY resale the game. There are a lot of new fans that never played the game but wonder about it or are dying to get their hands on it since Advent Children come out. From what I've seen most reactions were, "Where can I get this game". Oh, and what about the older gamers that lost the game or it broken...?

I'm sure they would love to buy a new one! Before fans scream out 'ReMake'! Lets give the new gamers to get a hold of the game that made us go crazy in the first place.

Just saying

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