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Otaku's Home

Saturday, December 26, 2009 , Posted by Ayaka at 11:03 PM

Currently Zero and I are making our home at my parental's house. We have a small room to which we are slaves to, at least for now anyway. Once I've gotten my bachelors we are planning on moving out, that is if money allows it =D

Do to this we had to place most of our collections of Anime, Manga and Games up in boxes. -tear- Either way we try to keep our Otaku pride alive. One of the many ways to attempt to is by keeping our desk decorated with a few Anime Figures (and our wedding pictures also <3)

Zero and myself have a nice assortment of Anime DVD's and Manga that we have yet to read or watched. We also own a few games to which we are addicts to but have close to little time to play them. In our assortment of Anime and Games that we have yet to get our hands into and we own are:

Disgaea 1
Disgaea 2
Disgaea 3

Amongst many more, I did start playing Disgaea 3 but got distracted by other games as well as by Vocaloids as you can see on our MacMini I was watching one of many Miku's World is Mine videos. So for now we are limited on our space to display and organize our Otakus supply. In time however we hope that we are able to display everything we own and we keep collecting with each passion moment.

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