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Sing With Beauty

Thursday, December 10, 2009 , Posted by Ayaka at 11:26 PM


Today I'm going to take time to review a game I have not yet finished but I've liked well enough. So far the story line is incredible, I've not yet played the first game but the second one is full of color and a rather funny story (Though it can get pretty serious at times). This game can have you liking a character and hating it the next moment, it's really a lot of fun. You guys should try it on for size, of course if possible get the first one.

The game does synchronized time battles which is a bit different from what I've seen before it almost reminded me of The Legend of Dragoon. The Synchronize battling enables you to do more song magic, which really it's just awesome! It has a VirtualDive World which allows you to help your Reyvateils unlock more song magic making the battles easier later on :). The virtual DiveWorld is kind of like a mixture between the matrix and a datingsim, get the question wrong and you have to go back in. The more you interact with the characters the more song magic you get, which like I mention before is just awesome =D.

"The 'Sea of Death' covers the planet and the vast sky around it.
There was a tower amongst the clouds.
On the top it, there was a flat, artificial land that the people lived upon.
It was a small world facing a crisis of structural collapse.
The people dreamed of a legendary utopia, a fertile and beautiful land, created by singing a
Song in the Hymnos language, called Metafalica. They tried to sing this Song several times,
but every time they did so, the Goddess hampered their attempt.
The world was under the control of the goddess.
The people were forced to live hopeless lives.
One day, however, a new political organization called the Grand Bell brought the people a new hope.
Chancellor Alfman, the leader of this new government, agitated the people into declaration of war against the Goddess and promised the people that they would create the utopia,
Metafalica, by their own hands.
The Goddess or the humans.
Who will be the next ruler of the world?
And, Can the humans achive their dream of creating a paradise, the green utopia Metafalica?"

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