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New Year Ghost

Saturday, January 2, 2010 , Posted by Ayaka at 4:07 PM

The year has barely started and I was hooked on a new anime, it didn't take me long to finish it either. My husband and I stayed at home on Saturday and finished the 26 episodes of Ghost Hunt. This anime had me screaming for more, sadly my call was not answered.

There is only 26 episodes all together like I mention before, it still kills me that there is not more of it. I almost wish that they would have done what is going on with Case Closed and just keep on building up the episodes.

The anime is about Ghost Hunters, just like the tittle states. Mai our protagonist gets a job with a Ghost Hunter nicked named Naru by her. In the first episode you get to meet most of the characters from the anime, rather the ones that will be engraved in your head. The characters that are going to make you laugh, cry and scream with happiness. There is a Monk nicked name Monk, a Catholic Priest named John Brown, a Maiden Ayako, Naru's assistant Len and a Medium named Hara. (might have missed spelled some of the names so i'm sorry >_<)

This anime is on my top list now, and as soon as I may I will be buying the light novel =D A must watch ^ - ^

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