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Oppai for All!

Sunday, January 24, 2010 , Posted by Zero at 3:43 AM

The desk will all the gooods.    Ayaka got me a nice little mouse pad for xmas from where else but Chucks kickin anime shop. Lets see what it looks like up close, shall we?
Shy are we?  As we can see here, Yuuhi is very shy of her "exposed" stature.
Ahhh she is still shy.*sigh*  Still nothing, she is very camera shy...
BACON!!After persuading her with a few strips of bacon, I got her to show her cute face. ^-^
Woot!As you can see her "pillows" make for a very comfy palm rest.
qualityHere you can see the thickness of this little girl.  She is very soft all around, and well constructed.  She would be a nice addition to any otaku's desktop, even for girls. Ayaka loves this little mouse pad and says that it is very cute. 

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