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Monday, February 15, 2010 , Posted by Ayaka at 2:28 PM

I"s a romantic comedy unlike any other. Most of us are used to having the girls thoughts be the ones that are displayed more when it comes to this kinds of Manga's, here however the males mind is described into depth. From the things that they worry about to what they wish they could do. Our hero's name is Ichitaka, he is in love with the high school soon to be teen idol Iori.


Ichitaka's love life however becomes more difficult after his best friend Itsuki returns from America. His best friend is a very optimistic happy girl who makes sure to play many tricks on Ichitaka, of course that is to be expected of any best friend when it comes to the anime world. She has helped him through a lot but she also makes his life miserable.


There are a few more problems that arise throughout the Manga. The emotions that this Manga can bring to the reader are incredible, from making you cry and extremely angry to smiling brightly. The artwork is amazing and the story line is just awesome.

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