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Anime room decor

Monday, February 22, 2010 , Posted by Dawn B (Cheapy) at 3:48 PM

Just a quick little post asking you your advice on "anime room decor".What I want to know is do you believe that every anime room needs a lot of anime items such as anime wall murals?and if you do why after all isn't a anime room in its self meaningful heck to tell you the truth I would be happy with just a few anime posters or wall scrolls to start my walls off rite.dose everyone need all the anime goodies for just a anime room or is just having anime enough to call it a anime room.

I would be willing to place a few shelfs in my room for my anime collection as well as a few anime model kits or ever figures.

I have heard of all these anime fans going out to cosplay and having all of the figures and busts as well as swords.

but truthfully if you had to choose over anime tiles or all the stuff that comes with it what would you really choose.

please comment back to let me know what you would do...

if you would like to see my anime blog check it out at AnimeRevolt.

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